Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush: How to Make the Right Brush Call

young woman brushing her teeth with electric toothbrush

Have you seen a friend or family member using an electric toothbrush and thought, “Wow, why don’t I have one of those?” But maybe you think about your toothbrush collection from Costco under the bathroom sink and start to feel a little nostalgic.

Choosing an electric toothbrush vs a manual toothbrush can feel like a tough call, but don’t worry—we’re here to break it down for you. We’ll delve into the pros of each to help you make the most informed decision for your teeth.

Never Used an Electric Toothbrush?

If you’ve never used an electric toothbrush, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! This high-tech brush functions through rapid bristle motions (either back-and-forth oscillation or rotation-oscillation) to effectively remove plaque and sweep away food particles. Some even come with a timer or pressure sensors that protect your gums from overly vigorous brushing.

Just guide the brush along your teeth, and the electric toothbrush does the rest—it’s like having a mini dental assistant on your bathroom countertop!

Why You Might Consider an Electric Toothbrush

When considering the differences between electric toothbrushes vs manual toothbrushes, consider the following benefits.

1. More Effective at Removing Plaque

Research has shown that powered toothbrushes do have an edge over manual brushes in terms of plaque removal. They’re more effective at reaching deep between your teeth and along the gum line—areas where plaque tends to build up.

2. Built-In Timer

Are you someone who rushes through your morning routine and ends up only brushing for 30 seconds? Most electric brush models come with a built-in timer that lets you know when two minutes have passed—the recommended amount of time to brush according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

3. Beneficial for People With Limited Mobility

For those with limited mobility, such as individuals with carpal tunnel or arthritis, an electric toothbrush can make brushing a lot easier. The brush’s rapid motions require less hand and arm movement compared to manual brushing.

4. More Productive for Gum Care

A study done in Germany found that those who use an electric toothbrush had 17.7% less decayed, missing, and filled surfaces than those who didn’t. This is because electric toothbrushes are a lot more efficient at providing the proper gum care.

Advantages of a Manual Toothbrush

There’s no doubt that electric toothbrushes have some impressive features, but let’s not forget about our good old manual toothbrushes. Here are a few benefits they offer:

1. Ease of Use

Manual toothbrushes are easy to find, easy to use, and require no charging or batteries—so you can trust they won’t come with any extra gadgets or wires attached.

2. Portable

These brushes are small and easy to pack, making them perfect for travel or on-the-go brushing. Plus, they don’t take up much space on your bathroom counter.

3. Cost-Effective

A manual toothbrush can cost less than a dollar if you get a package of them, while electric toothbrushes range from $20-$250. This makes these brushes an affordable option for those on a budget.

How Do You Decide?

So, electric toothbrush vs manual…how do you choose?

Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr. Nigel Carter OBE, references the many studies showing how electric toothbrushes can help keep their user’s teeth for longer. However, an article from Colgate Professional states that both kinds can effectively remove plaque, and the choice between them often comes down to personal preference.

Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that the most crucial factor in keeping your teeth healthy is not choosing between electric toothbrush vs manual, but how well you brush. A proper two-minute brushing session twice a day with either an electric or manual toothbrush will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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